Johnny Rain- LLWH

Had to post this.

If you like Drake and the Weeknd listen to this. 

Roger Hiorns - Seizure (2009)

“…Commissioned to transform a council block in South London by pumping 20 gallons of copper sulphate solution into the council flat to create a strangely beautiful and somewhat menacing crystalline growth on the walls, floor, ceiling and bath of this abandoned dwelling.”

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Best decision I ever made. 

Awww I’m so happy for her (:


cool kid queue.

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2008_09_18_Kárahnjukar_0473 (by jon_agust)

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I’m not going to be anyone’s emotional safety blanket anymore. I can’t fix your problems and I’m not going to try to.

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If you have an opinion about someone, share it, but

If you’re just going to hate, or not give an honest arguement…. you look stupid in my opinion.

Telling someone to f**k off, or they’re not cool, or making fun of them, how is that a good arguement? You look childish.